Dear Reader, 

As we are getting better acquainted, I feel I must tell you about my dear, tragic brother Saul. Like myself, he was fascinated by the more esoteric aspects of science. Unlike myself though, he became obsessed by some balderdash he called Quantum Physick. He believed, bizarrely, that there were a multitude of parallel worlds, each subtly different from our own. Disastrously, he build a sort of cabinet to allow him to visit these worlds. He hoped to travel the highways and byways of the universe.  One terrible day he walked into the contraption and vanished, never to be seen again. 

I keep the cabinet in my study as a reminder of the folly of man and the dangers of science unchecked. But a curious thing happens: From time to time, I find letters or papers in the cabinet. The tone and language is strange to me, and I can barely make sense of them. I wonder if they are some coded message from my long lost brother. I present the list here for your perusal. 

Sir John Jennings

M Head’s Unfortunate Situation

Piranha Pete’s Last Fight

Hotwater Longcycle, Squid Detective in “Unlucky For Some”

How to Manufacture Perfect Sunshine