And it’s (nearly) here

So finally, Dear Reader, we can explain all the Dreamtime Damsels malarkey. For here is the precious tome itself…

Including a story featuring the marvellous Miss Henderson as well as many stories from our friends, available Sep 25 – we heartily, excitedly and proudly recommend it.

Dreamtime Damsels: Character Interviews

Courtesy of Mary Woldering, some interviews from Dreamtime Damsels (of which we will explain more later) along with a recipe for lasagna and a history lesson on undergarments!

First Interviews—Miss-Hattie-of-Miss-Hattie-and-the-Hoppers?fbclid=IwAR2DDsmOnEQukiEEcSZ5gXW3W7FJeSBBr2HDbK54uf77R5qIDDqrS4YCOqU

Second Interviews