menu“Unfair of what?”

Dear Reader

Well we have all hopefully enjoyed the prologue of the Paris Awakening and our appetites are suitably whetted for the forthcoming novel. All being well it should be “available from all good bookshops” in Summertime as soon as Mr Michael has completed writing the words and Miss Pichette has put the commas in the rightful places. Mr Michael does so enjoy spreading them wily-nily across the page like salt on a under-seasoned soup.

As we have now completed the prologue, we shall return to our usual program of serialised stories. We are excited to reveal, as if on a silver salver, that our latest story, featuring canine capers, catastrophic coincidences and a cadence of caterwauling, will  be called The Cornish Cur*.

The observant of you will have noticed that this is a Tuesday and yet we are not publishing the first episode. And now, I’m afraid, we have to add a soupçon of disappointment to the melange of joy. For we have decided that to allow Mr Michael and Miss Pichette the full time to create great art and accurate punctuation, we shall return to our “one episode a week” regimen, starting this Saturday hence. We only hope that the crushing emotions this evokes will be tempered by the knowledge that the aforementioned novel will be all the sooner on your electronic reading device of choice.

We would also like to reaffirm our previous wishes, in that we hope this to be the very best of years for you.


Mr Michael and Miss Pichette

(*Since writing this post Mr Michael has changed the name to The Cornish Curse. He has also grown a beard. It’s the time of year for changes.)

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