Gentle Reader

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer possessed of good talent, must be in want of a parody. The eagle-eyed and literary minded amongst you – and I imagine that is all of you – may have noticed that our current Jennings and Jennings story The Cornish Curse is in some small way indebted to the wonderful writing of Jane Austen. We hope that this is considered more homage than parody, more celebration than denigration, and more affection than affliction and that you, and indeed Jane, would forgive us.

Last year when we were resident in the wonderful seaside town of Brighton, which incidentally does not possess a large number of officers, a point on which Miss Austen is unfortunately inaccurate, we enjoyed another homage, parody, or whimsical what-you-will riffing on Austen’s oeuvre. This was the wonderful improvisational theatre group going by the name Austentatious. In short, this was an entirely improvised play, derived from a title suggested by the audience and performed in the manner of Miss Austen’s writing. We can only say that the pleasure this show brought to us was immense indeed, and heartily recommend it to you, that you may share in the merriment that we did.

We wish you, Dear Reader, a most pleasant and wonderful evening and we pray beg you to let us take our leave.


The Benthic Times

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