Victorian Walrus

Greetings Dear Reader!

We interrupt your usual, if sporadic, reading with a message from the creators. We have frequently been struck by the strange, synchronistic phenomenon that often accompanies the writing process. The writer Alan Moore has, I believe, encountered John Constantine in a sandwich shop. After writing a story about some confusion between a bicycle and a head, we were amazed to find a poster containing both appear opposite our house. We have many, merry little tales of events from the page intruding into every day life.

Most recently, whilst our characters were being emotionally tested by an imaginary walrus, we found ourselves being tested by some very real walruses. We sat down one evening to watch Our Planet, which we had naively assumed to be a pleasing animal documentary with some walruses in it. Dear Reader, at this point you either understand exactly what we are referring to or we recommend you watch the aforementioned television show with a box of tissues to hand. For we were truly moved to tears by the horror show we saw.

We decided that immediate action was necessary and so are now the proud adoptees of a walrus from WWF.  In turn, we would like you, Dear Reader, to consider a donation of some kind to this most worthy cause.

Yours imploringly

Paul Michael

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