Gentle Reader

It cannot have escaped your attention that our recent and rather prolonged story has come to a satisfactory conclusion. “Another job well done, Mr Michael,” we hear you cry. Please, please, no need for such words. Your perpetual adoration is reward enough for him.

“What next then,” we hear your further cry. “What of the new tale?”

What indeed! Well, Dear Reader, we are delighted to announce that Mr Michael’s latest stellar, stormy and salubrious story – The Sinister Seat – will begin serialising from next weekend. We hope you can contain your excitement!

“Hurrah!” you cry, “and here’s to many more!”

Ah…whilst we salute your insatiable appetite for our tales of the Jennings, there we may have to disappoint you. We suggest that you are seated and have a stiff brandy in your hand because…


“No!” you exclaim, “that cannot be so. Surely a man as young, handsome and vital as Mr Michael has a veritable library of tales in him.”

Well yes, perhaps he does, and at risk of sending you once more on a rollecoaster of emotions, there will be more writing. But not much more on the Jennings. You see, his intention was to create 8 stories and 2 novels in this great saga. That second novel will be a slowly evolving, multi-facted, grand-guignol magnum opus. And Mr Michael feels that this should be developed carefully, slowly, in the dark. Rather like a bad hangover.

But do not fear, Dear Reader, the intention is to share this novel, once completed, with you all via the means of some book publishing platform. Indeed, given that we have fished our original stories out from the mighty Amazon, it has been our intention to republish all our collection of wondrous tales in such a manner. In fact, Gentle Reader, if you can recommend such a place, where one may publish “e-books” (as we believe they are called) and offer them to the public for little or no charge, please feel free to let us know.

Well, Dear Reader, we hope that our little announcements haven’t put you in ill-sorts but rather that you are excited for our new tale.

Yours etc

The good people of the Benthic Times

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