Meet the Author

Paul MichaelDoes this man appear to be a professional?

A number of readers have expressed interest in learning more about the manner in which The Benthic Times is produced to such a high, professional standard on a weekly basis. There have even been stories suggesting that Mr Michael and Ms Pichette are mere fictions and that the magazine is produced by a crack team of professional writers and artists. Flattering though such allusions are, we can categorically state that these rumours are false.

We present as evidence the drawing above, rendered by Ms Pichette, of Mr Michael in the midst of creating another thrilling yet amusing story. One glance at the writer at work reveals the keen intellect of the literate mind whilst the image itself speaks volumes  to the magisterial aesthetic vision of a true talent in the artist. We hope this small insight into the world of The Benthic Times satisfies some of our readers’ fascinations and expands their enjoyment of partaking of our modest yet scintillating artistic endeavour.

Still Life with Cephalopod

bt-3Happy Benthic Teatime!

The Benthic Times is ecstatic to announce that as from next week, we shall be publishing not just one, but TWO chapters of our gripping, yet hilarious serialised stories.

Dear reader, you are most very welcome, and we wish you the most pleasant of weekends.

The Jennings Are On Holiday

Usual episode  on Tuesday, holiday snap today thanks to


The One that Got Away

the one that got away

Despite wearing his Sunday best for the photoshoot, poor Sir John had to be decapitated for artistic purposes. Here he is restored to his full glory for your amusement this Friday.

We have, incidentally, created what we believe is called a “Facebook page” for this magnificent publication. You may wish to visit if you find yourself short of entertainment over the weekend. The weather forecast promises little, we’re told.



Broadening the Mind

We are travelling at the moment which is proving a great source of inspiration and photographic resources. Here is one such we found at a hotel we ate at, its a cosy little snug with a most opulent design. Already we are working out how we might fit it in a story…

CH Colour Seat

What have you done to feel Benthic today?

Benthic 1Here is an octopus with some vegetation to delight and amuse you.

The Jennings