And it’s (nearly) here

So finally, Dear Reader, we can explain all the Dreamtime Damsels malarkey. For here is the precious tome itself…

Including a story featuring the marvellous Miss Henderson as well as many stories from our friends, available Sep 25 – we heartily, excitedly and proudly recommend it.

My Word!

Modesty permits us from crowing too loudly about this, but I can declare we were tickled pink to read this today. We shall just leave it here whilst we go and fetch the tea…




Stop the Press!

No, wait, start the press – or the virtual one at least. For the wondrous behemoth, Amazon has spoken, and our book is available! For 3 British Pounds, or your local currency equivalent, you can read the first four Jennings and Jennings stories on your electronic reading device! Delight to these four comedy paranormal steampunk novelettes! Relive the thrill of Sir John and Marie’s adventures, even when you’re travelling by locomotive or on an airship! Rejoice, my friends, rejoice! If you find these adventures a joy, please do us the honour of reviewing them in Amazon, too.



casebook one cover SMALL

For those souls expecting to be reading the start of the Sunnyport Shadow, I beg some patience. Todays news was too exciting to contain and you only have one day to wait in the Benthic Week!

The Benthic Week?

Ah! You noticed our little teaser … and the prolonged gap between posts. Let me furnish you with an explanation for all of the above.

First, The Benthic Week…

We here at the Benthic Times are tickled pink to announce the commencement of our latest venture, The Benthic Press. We are now in the business of publishing, and our initial publication will be the much anticipated collection of the first four Jennings and Jennings stories. This is working its way through the behemoth called Amazon even as we speak.

We are also thinking to produce an anthology of other writers’ stories, offer some editing/proofing services, build a small artificial island with a giant laser on it and so forth. In short, we have big dreams.

Yes, yes, that’s all very well, I hear you mutter, but what’s this Benthic Week malarkey? Well, to celebrate the creation of the press and the immanent release of the book, we have decided to have one whole week of daily posts. Now, we see you gasp in amazement! Yes, it’s true. We have already started with the epilogue for The Cornish Curse and will start, from tomorrow, our latest story: The Sunnyport Shadow.

welcome to sunnyport

This new story is inspired by two sources of existential dread and horror, by two elements which cause one to question one’s meaning in a cruel universe, one’s significance in the face of total indifference, and even one’s sanity. I refer to firstly, the writings of HP Lovecraft and secondly, a British seaside holiday in inclement weather.

Ah, now everything is clear, you say. Of course, the pause in posts was merely to create anticipation for this schmorgasbord of Benthic delights. Sadly, there we must hang our heads and confess. For in truth, the Benthic Times has relocated home once again and whilst we try to prevent personal obstacles from blocking our posting habits, this time it got the better of us. We trust that the Benthic Week, culminating in the release of the book, will suffice as apology and recompense.


Paul Michael and Josephine Pichette

Look What We Found in the Letterbox…


Here at the Benthic Times we were delighted beyond belief to receive the artwork for the forthcoming Jennings and Jennings collection. We would like to offer thanks and felicitations to the talented and wonderful Aiko Tagawa.


Christmas is Cancelled!

krampus“Take the boy, but for G-d’s sake leave the tablecloth!”

Well merely postponed, but oh, dear reader, it is with a heavy heart that we have to explain ourselves…

First and foremost, we hope that you have been enjoying our last marvellous adventure “The Auld Alchemist”. You will have noticed I’m sure that our usual midweek injections of commentary, links and other ephemera have been missing. Given our announcement of a forthcoming story collection and novel, I’m sure you consoled yourself with the knowledge that the good folk of the Benthic Times were beavering away on these projects. If only that were true. Sadly a multitude of events of the most mundane manner overtook us and left us bereft of time and energy.

And so, although we promised electronic stocking fillers, we have no such thing to give, for which we can only hold our caps, look down sadly and apologise. We shall continue to work on the collection though as well as the novel and shall have them with you as soon as the unscheduled busyness of business that has overtaken us has abated to a sensible level.

But, to whet your appetite, we shall be sharing over the next couple of weeks the prologue to the forthcoming (or given the delay, fifth or sixthcoming) Jennings and Jennings novel, starting tomorrow. And on that note, we bid you a pleasant weekend.

Literary News

literary-newsTools of the trade

Dear Reader

We are so excited about current developments here at the Benthic Times that we have had to resort to medicinal liquor to calm our fevered minds. Please, take a seat and let us explain.

As you are most certainly aware, we have just concluded our latest Jennings and Jennings story, with a most disconcerting ending. As night follows day, a new story will start very shortly. In fact, from tomorrow you will thrill to the mercurial machinations and the salty sentiments of our sulphuric story The Auld Alchemist.

Whilst that should be enough to make anyone ecstatic with anticipation, we can also reveal that we intend to collate, tidy and publish the first four Jennings and Jennings stories in one electronic chapbook. This literary wonder should be available for you all by Christmas, at an extremely reasonable price, allowing you to use it fill your electronic socks and stockings.

(In fact Phlebotomous has a pair of electronic socks, but is forbidden from using them. This is following an incident at a ballroom competition, where four dancers were injured and another score required the help of an alienist.)

And as if that were not enough, we can reveal we are signed up to a most intriguing challenge called NaNoWriMo, wherein we hope to write, in one month,  a Jennings and Jennings novel. This aforementioned work of art should be available to all and sundry sometime early next.

So gentle reader, I imagine that, like us, you are presently reaching for the smelling salts as you feel giddy with excitement. On that note, we shall take our leave and wish you the very best sort of weekend.