A large number of our readers have requested information on how some of my marvellous devices work. It is almost as if they doubt the veracity of the account presented herein! Below, for the general edification of our audience, is an explanation of how the Thanatograph functions. I hope this clarifies the matter. We are available to carry out demonstrations in the Home Counties for a small fee.

Sir John Jennings

imageedit_1_8693561110 (1)

  1. Motive Crank: a clockwork spring mechanism allowing the device to operate
  2. Aetheric Conductor: this will collect the thoughts of any local phantasm
  3. Psychic Amplifier: increases the strength of the spirit thoughts captured
  4. Vocalic Convertor: modulates the spirit energy into sound waves
  5. Speaking Horn: allows the quiet sound waves produced to be audible to the human ear

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